Journeying Inward: Exploring the Role of a Spiritual Director

Two men praying together

God of Love became imagined to have created, and so forth., advert nauseam. One is left guessing as to what Truth is or to what it refers to. The scriptures, however, are explicit in their statements as to what Truth is, what it involves, and implies–which include existence’s reason as planned by way of God; however most adherents of the Christian religion go over them too lightly. Because the incarnating soul tends to overlook its beginning and motive of being whilst sojourning in physical be counted, we feel that the metaphysician must remind the masses again and again of existence’s purpose although it means ending-up as a shooting target for rotten eggs and tomatoes.

Below we gift just 5 of the many essential statements that sums-up the motive of guy’s sojourn:

1) “Know ye not that ye are gods?” (Psalms eighty two:6, John 10:34)

2) “Be ye consequently spiritual director perfect, at the same time as your Father that is in heaven is best” (Matt 5:48)

three) “I and my Father are One.” (John 10:30)

4) “Seek ye first the kingdom of God . . . ” (Luke 12:31, Matt 6:33)

five) “Get information, know-how is the principle element.” (Proverbs 4:7)

Know Ye Not that Ye are Gods

Whoever wrote Psalms knew guy’s authentic identification to be divine, and that which appears to be a mortal representation of man simply a fa├žade of the soul. Christians have lengthy believed in a “sole” son of God, however that is disputed by way of the Master Jesus himself when he echoed the phrases of Psalms to the Pharisees and the Doctors of the Law. In the Corona Class Lessons, the “Master Jesus” complains:

“One of the finest weakness of so-called Christianity lies within the fact that they’ve deified me as a god to worship or bow right down to and to make wishful prayers to; yet my challenge and message they regularly neglect . . . ” (1986:27)

And one of the contents of this “message” is to recognise that we ourselves are gods and legitimately the spiritual children of God. It is humanity’s challenge to mirror, to explicit their Father-Mother in all the infinite worlds, geographical regions, and dimensions.

We repeat, humanity is an expression or partial manifestation of God, and are therefore little children of the Supreme Being. To don’t forget ourselves any less is to demean the utterance of Truth by means of the Nazarene. This declaration from the scriptures factor out that humanity ought to in the end come to recognize this Truth right here on earth and in waking attention. This fact is what emancipates someone from all mortal states and conditions.

Be Ye Therefore Perfect, Even as your Father Which is in Heaven is Perfect

We falsely accept as true with in the non-attainability of perfection, and yet, if it were so, the Nazarene could not have made the above statement that’s to be understood as a commandment and not as an insignificant inspiration. Granted, that perfection is non-attainable in the experience that it is no static circumstance of the soul, however an ever-developing impulse towards a higher ideal–as an instance, a really perfect man or women is however an embryonic, imperfect god. However, the desires set for humanity that represent the country of human perfection with the aid of the Divine Mind is doable right here and now. In reality, that is one of the functions of the cycle of incarnation and reincarnation